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Hospital,please try to use disposable pillow case and disposable bedsheet

    Responsible for cleaning the hospital pillowcase & bedsheet laundry plant full House mud, possessor of dozens of hens,operating room clothes, pajamas piled up at random. Laundress in a clean areato smoke, wash good pillow case & bedsheet on the floor, surgical gowns andpatient service use the same washing machine ...... reporters last 20 days, youuncover the secrets of this laundry plant.

    Shenyang City public hospital did not admitto the laundry wash plant inspection signed a contract, Shenyang two hundredforty-five Yuanban hospital director, said leadership is not, can not reply.

    1:00 pm the same day, "Liao Shen-depthinvestigation," the reporter went to the office of Shenyang City publichospital, a hospital claiming to be the man said Xu Kezhang logisticsdepartment, the hospital pillow case & bedsheet contracted out to a companycalled Shenyang Hongda letter Co. wash. When asked, is how to find the letterwash Shenyang Hongda Co. cleaning hospital pillow case & bedsheet, the XukeZhang expressed his predecessor contract was washed with this washing companiessigned last year, just a continuation of the contract, So sign up.

    Reporter: Do youhave to go to this laundry plant site visits?

    Xuke Zhang: no.

    Reporter: You didnot examine why they renewed the contract it?

    Xuke Chang: Thisnearby hospital in his home to wash, wash also good to renew the chant.

    Reporter: What isthe standard wash is also good?

    Xuke Chang: thatwashed white.

    Reporter: wash onlyWhite can it?

    Xu Kezhang: NHA(Shenyang City Health Association for short) to check cross the border.

    Subsequently, Xu Kezhang come up with a"hospital washing contract", the Party for the public hospital inShenyang, Shenyang Hongda letter B Co. wash. Range washing contracted whitecoats, bed sheets, quilt, sick clothes, curtains, pillowcases, checkups bedsets, sofa sets, coverings and the like. Location wash Co. business license acopy of the business license and contracts out there together Shenyang Hongdaletter to Yuhong District, Shenyang City, Sha Zhen Lantai village, not "LiaoShen depth investigation" correspondent reported Yuhong District, ShenyangCity, near the Nujiang North Street.RecommendedreadingDisposable Dental Equipment imperative to expand the market

    City Health Association office, a staffmember surnamed Li said that the relevant municipal leaders NHA has beeninformed by the Shenyang City public hospital reported that Shenyang 2245hospitals and other medical institutions in hospital washing dirty laundryplant pillow case & bedsheet issue. And send relevant staff to proceed toverify the problem, and so after the end of the verification, will deal withthe views of the newspaper published the first time. "Verification of theresults probably will come out tomorrow, if that is true, how to deal with howto deal with, but the specific approach had led out the views, they areinvestigating the incident. As for the city to have not been NHA publichospital, said did not say qualified, I personally do not know, have to waitfor the results tomorrow. "Li staff said.

    Was "Liao Shen depthinvestigation" of this laundry exposure, in the end with the letter washShenyang Hongda Co. have any relevance? In response to this question, YuhongShenyang City of Industry, Trade and Industry Branch of the hills west of thethree law enforcement officers arrived at the Yuhong District, Shenyang City,the Nu River North neighborhood of this unmarked laundry plant.

    When asked whether business licenses,laundry plant official said his own full license, the company name of the firstis "Shenyang Hongda Co. wash letter." "The company's place ofregistration and current work locations do not match, if the company'sworkshop, as long as the business behavior does not occur, just simply work ispossible." Ling Western industrial and commercial law enforcement officerssaid it would investigate the matter further, see if there is illegal orirregular situation.

    Health departmentsof supervision and inspection

    Shenyang City Health Authority chief ofinfectious diseases Liu Xianhui introduced in 2014 in Shenyang City HealthAuthority on the case of the city of Shenyang Hospital washing pillow case& bedsheet's done a thorough understanding. At that time, Shenyang City HealthAuthority jurisdiction of the city's total of 69 medical institutions, 27medical institutions in the pillow case & bedsheet outsourced to socialcleansing dyeing shop, and a business license to provide social dyeing shop.

    "Liao Shen depth investigation" onthe hospital pillow case & bedsheet articles published in the paper,causing provincial and municipal leaders in charge of health supervisiondepartments attach great importance to the relevant person in charge has to getin touch with, "Liao Shen-depth investigation," reported the group toget in was exposed laundry plant List washed pillow case & bedsheetrelevant medical institutions, has to carry out comprehensive supervision andinspection.

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